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In my works, I am inspired by the nature and stunning works of prior Ebru masters. I use water as my canvas to draw my designs using soil based natural earth pigments. Likewise, soil and water are main elements of our body and world. Ebru presents us the mystery of the relation between us and the world we are living in. There is a rhythm in Ebru, like my  inner rhythm, I am  trying to find the resonation between them.


I always have high expectations when I perform Ebru, because my starting point leads me into a direction I never imagined when I started. There are endless possibilities of designs and color harmonies, but at the end, you have only one chance to transfer your design to paper. Therefore, each Ebru is a unique mono-print.


As a self-taught Ebru artist, I am aware of the importance of the tradition. Respecting and following your master's ways and rules are an important part of the Ebru. I am trying to protect the tradition of this ancient art by using traditional materials, figures, and forms to remember and feel the appeal of those times. The ​authenticity of the materials creates a mystique that takes me into the 17th century. Colors that I use for my paintings are also from the natural colors of masters' palettes. Beside the traditional forms, I am in constant search to find my own contemporary designs from the infinite world of blooming colors on water

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