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Ebru art, Ebru artist

I am an Ebru (Turkish Paper Marbling) artist living in Chicago, IL. I graduated from Istanbul University with a Bachelor of Art degree in Landscape Architecture. After working as a landscape architect for a while in Turkey, I moved to the United States. In 2004, I started studying the art of paper marbling because I wanted to combine my love of nature  with my love of Turkish Traditional Arts and sharing my prosperous culture to others.

In my marblings, I utilize traditional flower forms and contemporary designs as well as designs of my own. I held many art fairs, demonstrations and workshops in different states Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, New York, Missouri, Texas, Georgia and Florida. I got awarded many times as an "Outstanding Artist" at the art fairs.

Aside from paper marbling, I have a passion to introduce the various Turkish Traditional art forms in the United States, such as Calligraphy (Hat), Paper cutting art (Kaati), Illumination (Tezhip),  Earthenware (Cini), and Miniature Painting (Minyatur). I recently started studying Tezhip and Hat  as part of my dream. I am proud to be a marbler in the USA.

I am married and have three children.

Ebru artist, Marbling artist
Ebr artist , Marbling artist
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