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Carrageenan (seaweed powder)

Best quality selected Carrageenan powder for Ebru Art. This carrageenan results bright and very opaque colors on surface and same time on paper.

Marbling begins first with the dissolving seaweed powder in water,  seaweed is a white material derived from an ocean plant . A type of gum, seaweed gives the water a degree of viscosity. A tray  with the approximate dimensions of the paper to be marbled is filled with this liquid to depth of about 2 inches.

Blend it with hot water with hand blender or jug blender for 5 minute. Wait at least 6 hours for small bubbles to dissipate.

Blend 1/4 cup (sifted) of powder for 5 litre of water which makes one 12x18 full tray of solution. Half pound carrageenan contains 6 full of marbling tray solution.

You can use same solution up to one week in room temprature.




If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will do everything we can try and make it better!  

MARBLING STUDIO will accept, for return and exchange, items that are in new condition, unused and free of damages by the customer. For a full refund or exchange, mail out your item within 21 days from the receipt of original order. In case of return customer pays for the shipping costs.

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Carrageenan-1/2 pound

  • Carrageenan (seaweed powder)

    Best quality selected professional grade carrageenan powder for

    Ebru /Marbling Art.

    This item is only shipped in USA!

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