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Ebru Art Workshop

Paper Marbling Workshop

with Sevim Surucu

3 hour workshop



All materials included.

Every person will have provided station to paint.

Performing Arts Studio

630 W Webster 1-E,

Chicago, IL 60614
+1 773 2516753


Want to explore something new? How about painting on water!

Ebru is a traditional Turkish paper marbling art of creating colorful patterns and images by sprinkling color pigments on water, then transferring them to paper. The tools are horsehair brushes, metal pins for shaping paints, specially prepared earth pigments and a tray full of water thickened with seaweed powder. The authenticity of the materials creates a mystique that will take you into the 17th century. Colors that we will be using in the workshop are also from the natural colors of masters' palettes. The first part of the class will include training on the technique, followed by hands-on practice of the art, including abstract and flower forms. Students will keep their own unique artworks.

Simply wear your not so loved clothes and shoes. Snacks, coffee and tea provided.

Ebru Art Workshop June 22nd, 2019 1 pm to 4 pm

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